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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

my little home improvement project

Good morning.
Yesterday, Craig went to the doctor to have his mole checked out, and it is nothing.  :-)
 And I did a little home improvement project. We finally found the light fixture's we wanted at Menard's. We got lucky, they had exactly 3 left of the style we wanted. We had a single fixture over the dining area, and it was looking bad. We decided we'd like it to match the kitchen lighting. So here's the before and after pics....

The fixture's are brushed nickel along with the track. The track in the kitchen is still white. I bought 2 more tracks to replace the 'yellowed' white one's. Will do that next weekend.
And this morning, we have a mix of rain, freezing rain, and sleet. Should be an interesting drive to work. It's suppose to turn to all rain by late morning as the temps are forecast to hit 48, changing to snow tonight, so another interesting drive tomorrow morning also. We're in that pre-spring weather when the night temps are below freezing, and the day temps are above. This is more like late March then end of February, but then our winter has been mostly nonexistent.
And it looks pretty good at work this week. I'm going in early today to put away an order that arrived yesterday. I placed it online on Monday. Love the Internet.  :-)
And with that, I off to my shower.


  1. The lights look good!
    Hope you have a safe drive there and back.

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