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Friday, March 30, 2012


Good morning.
It's currently 31 out going for a high of only 46.  :-(
But this weekend is suppose to reach 70 before falling back into the 50's, so I hope it does.
The Salon has been steady this week.
Got a certified letter at the Salon yesterday. It was from the circuit court. It was for  garnishment of wages of one of our staff. Fortunately, we have no employees. Our staff are all independent contractors. Unfortunately, it creates more paperwork for Craig, filling out required forms and mailing them back. Wish people could take care of their own bills.  :-\
Got an e-mail from saying my mower blades had been shipped and should arrive today. Should be able to mow on Sunday. The grass has stopped dead in it's tracks with the return of cold weather. So has the trees and bushes.
And with that, time to go...
And yes, I to bought a Mega Millions lotto ticket. Hey, I've got just as good a chance as the other  500 million people to win, right?  :-)

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