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Saturday, March 31, 2012

blue hair day

Good morning.
A quick post this morning before I run off to work.
Yesterday was my usual busy 'blue hair' Friday . What I mean by that is Fridays seem to be the day the 'older' women like to get their hair done. They come in once a week for a 'shampoo and set'. We wash their hair, roll up the hair on rollers, dry them under a dryer, and comb them into a lovely style that will last them a week. Years ago, we had to use bluing rinses on their hair to eliminate the yellowish tone their white hair got from cigarette smoke. White hair absorbed the tar from the cigarettes. But if you used the bluing rinse too often, the hair started taking on a bluish tone, hence, the blue hairs.  :-)  But much fewer people smoke now days, so we don't use the rinses much anymore.
It was a dreary wet day yesterday. A good day to work. And after work, I went shopping for the weekend groceries. Vegi burgers Friday, pizza Saturday, and pork roast with cranberry sauce in the slow cooker Sunday. And after our vegi burgers, I whipped up a snack of baked zucchini sticks.

I had mine with marinara sauce, and Craig had his with lite Creamy Caesar. We both decided the marinara sauce sucked, and the creamy Caesar was a hit!
The marinara was too mild for the mild zucchini.
 I'm really trying to be good this month as I 'study' for my upcoming physical. I plan on 'acing' the blood tests this year.  :-) To do that, I've cut out my sherry, (way to many calories) and I'm increasing the vegi portions on  my plate, and decreasing the meat portions, and going meatless twice a week. We'll see how it goes.  :-)
And now, I'm off to my final day of work...

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  1. The blue rinse info was really cool to know! I just quizzed Jim with one of those "do you know what the blue haired lady thing is all about?" and then shared my knowledge. LOL.