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Sunday, April 01, 2012

It's almost RVing time!

Good morning.
As usual, I've just returned from cleaning the Salon.
And as you've already found out, no, I didn't win the Mega Millions jackpot.  :-(
So I guess I gotta work another week.
Anyway, after a busy Saturday, we came home to relax, had a couple of cocktails, and played on our puters. While Craig played Poppit, I surfed the net, researching some of our upcoming trips. That's right, April is when we take our first RV trip of the season.  :-)
Craig called Wednesday and had the insurance put back on, and today, we'll back it out of it's winter parking spot and out into the driveway, so I can check out all the systems, install batteries, and give it a good cleaning.
For dinner, while we watched a Hot in Cleveland marathon,  Craig made a couple of pizza's.

A taco pizza above, and ground beef and mushroom on the bottom.
No, we don't eat both of the pizza's. The ground beef comes in 1lb packages, and that's too much for one pizza. So the second gets eaten cold for lunch the next couple of days.  :-)
 I suppose we could divide the ground beef before we freeze it, but I really like leftover pizza.  :-)
And they finally delivered the new mower blades for my riding lawnmower.
The old ones were pretty beaten up compared to the nice shinny new ones.
And now, while Craig continues his beauty rest, I'll go out and install the new blades.

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