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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

to answer a question

Good morning.
Our fabulous weather continues.  :-)
The daffodils are in full bloom.
A full 4 weeks early! This weather has been remarkable! 79 yesterday. The 2 week forecast is for above normal to near normal. I'm loving it! This must be how spring is like in the south.
I spent the day in the yard, cleaning and filling bird baths, some weeding, and washing the car. I wanted to stay out of Craig's way as he did our tax returns. And I'm happy to say we're getting a nice refund.  :-)
And to answer a question......
"So do you have to clean the pond out every spring? Do you have a well to refill it, or do you have to pay for "city" water? Am I being too nosey?"

I don't drain the pond every year. Just about every 3-4 years.  In between, I just scoop out as much leaves and debris as I can.
 No well, I use city water. Craig estimated it holds 5500 gallons. Fortunately, Lansing owns the water facility, and the water rates are very reasonable.  :-) It'll probably run me $5 worth of water for the pond. Our water bill is usually around $12 a month, but if I water a lot during a dry summer, it's gone as high as $60.
And don't worry. If you're  too nosey, I'll tell you.    :-)
By the way, would my readers prefer me to answer a question left in my comments, with a comment, a personal e-mail, or in a post like this?

And with the great weather, I fired up the grill for dinner and cooked pork cutlets with baked potato and marinated zucchini.
Now time for my shower, and wake up Craig.


  1. Wayne it's always pleasant to hear from you! I still don't understand how all that salt up there doesn't kill everything... Good to know I'm in you readers list, Lord knows my posting and reading has been few and far between these days. I keep saying I'm going to do better and I've even considered deleting my blog. I'm going to keep it up another year and see how things go. Maybe I'll get a second wind. LOL Do you guys ever take any trips down south?

  2. I like when you reply in a post like this. That way nosy me knows what you reply. ;-)
    Our water rates must be 3 times yours (of course we are a family of 4); but we rarely water and our water bill has rarely gone below $50 a month. And that's not counting the $11 they add for trash / recycling pickup.
    Enjoy the last day of your weekend!