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Thursday, March 22, 2012

yes, we're open

Good morning.
It's a busy week in the Salon. I went in early yesterday to put away an order, and to install the new open sign, so it ended up being a 10 1/2 hr day.
As you can see, the old sign is missing the bottom of the P, and the upper middle of the N.
I had to install the new one in the opposite window, in the upper corner, because of a freakishly short electrical cord. But being a little larger than the old one, we decided it looked just fine there.
The rest of the week is pretty much booked. May have to work a little later on Friday and Saturday if the phones keep ringing. Don't want to turn away business.  :-)
And here's a weeping cherry next to the building I walk by going to my car after work.
And speaking of work....time to go....

1 comment:

  1. New sign looks great!
    And the bush is definitely pretty,

    Have a great day!