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Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday morning post.

Good morning.
I  woke up  to another rainy morning, but with mild temps in the low 60's. We're suppose to have another day of off and on rain. Yesterday, the rain let up before noon, and stayed away until early evening, so I did manage to get out, and trim back some arborvitaes and divided and transplanted some hosta's. I also replace a light fixture by the front door, while Craig replaced a rail on the split rail fence.
And I saw this on the back screen door.....

A snail! It crawled up the screen, and sat there the entire day. I don't think I've seen one in all the years we've lived here. He was gone this morning.
And Craig's new beef stew recipe was a success! Melt in the mouth meat, with a flavorful thick gravy.
And I'm waking Craig up early this morning. We have to run to Charlotte, MI. It's the county seat of Eaton County where our Salon is located. Craig has discovered our Partnership license had expired. Not sure why they didn't send us a reminder. Craig thought it was due in April, but in fact, was due in March. So that will be a 20 minute or so drive there. We both have to go because we need to sign it in front of the clerk.
Anyway, that's my Monday morning post.


  1. The stew looks great! Thanks for sharing the recipe. :o)

  2. From snails to stew... ewwwww.