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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

weekend review

Good morning.
Well, we continue to pay for that beautiful 2 weeks in March. We had frost again this morning. Leaving the heat on in the mo-ho all week as more freezing temps are forecast for later in the week. Most of April, so far, has been normal to below normal, and looks to stay that way for the rest of the month. The only good from it, is flowers that are currently blooming, are lasting a long time.
Despite the cold windy weather, I managed to get out and do some work. I trimmed up a large Sunburst Locust tree, divided and transplanted more hosta's, and did some spot weeding in the lawn. The tree guys also came and cut down the dead green Ash out in the corner of the yard. They were quick. 3 hours to cut down, cut up, and remove everything.
In other news, my weigh-in went better. Down another 2 lbs this week.  :-)
Called and set up my physical for the first Monday in May. Will have my blood tests done later this week.
And another work week starts today. Looking a little slow so far, but we'll see how the phones ring.  :-)
With that, time to go....

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