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Sunday, April 22, 2012

my Sunday post

Good morning from another cold day in Lansing.
The high for today is only forecast for 51. A full 10 degrees short of our 'normal' high. It's been pretty much that way for the entire month of April. Near normal, to below normal. And looks to finish the month the same. I told you we'd pay for that gorgeous weather we had in March.  :-\      Looks like I'll need to leave the furnace on in the mo-ho a couple more nights until it stays above freezing.
Anyway, it ended up a fairly busy week at the Salon, and next week's looking good also.
We seem to be getting more questions as to when we plan to retire. Craig will be 62 next January, and eligible for early Social Security. We keep telling them with our health insurance going up double digit every year, we may have to wait until we're eligible for Medicare. Then, we'll get much better coverage, for 1/4 what we're paying now. It's pretty sad, Medicare has better coverage for the price, than my Blue Cross.  :-(
Medicare part A is $99 a month, and we're each paying $386 a month. (and it goes up again in June) And our coverage isn't as good as Medicare part A.  :-(
Anyway, enough of that for now. With no rain forecast, I'm going to bundle up and burn a big pile of branches, and hope to do a little weeding.
Now, with the Salon cleaning done for another week, time for my shower.

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