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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

cold spring

Good morning.
It's been a miserable weekend, weather wise. Barely 55, with a stiff cold wind from the north. 
I did manage to get out and divide and transplant a few hosta's on Sunday. Spent the rest of the day inside, but did do some cleaning.
Monday, Craig and I bundled up and mowed the lawn.
It wouldn't be bad out, but that wind, gusting to 35, was cold!
We also checked on some campgrounds for our final trips, but made no decisions.
Our new stylist is starting on Monday of next week. She's coming in Friday for a key and a run-through on opening the Salon. And it's looking to be a fairly busy week, but first, I have one more day off.  :-)
It's looking to be a carbon copy of the last 2, but I'll deal with it.  ;-)
And I managed to take a few pics of the yard, as spring marches forth....
Euphorbia polychroma
A short, purple, early Iris
Beacon Silver ground cover

Perennial beds waking up
Weigela 'Canary'

Because of the wind, I didn't get that large pile of branches burned. Maybe next week.
 And with that, time for my morning work-out. I need to do a good one this morning. My inability to work outside is hampering my weight loss plan so I need to do a good calorie burn.   :-)

1 comment:

  1. When you can't get out, there are always sit-ups and push-ups. ;o)

    Enjoy your last day off! :o)