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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

to damn cold

Good morning.
It's been way too cold this past weekend. A high of only 45 yesterday.  :-(  We should be near 60.
I finished un-winterizing the mo-ho, but now have to leave the furnace on as the next couple of nights are forecast to go below freezing.  :-(
Good news, all mo-ho systems are go. Everything has checked out and is working .  :-)
No work in the yard yesterday as besides being only 45, it was cloudy and windy. We even saw a few snow flakes. yuk.
And my weigh in didn't go well. Gained a pound. Must have ate more than I thought. Of course, if the weather had cooperated, I could have worked in the yard and burned it off. Oh well, I'll try another week.
And now it's time for another work week. Looking a little slow, but we'll see how it goes.


  1. Wayne,
    Don't let that pound get to you. I just out of curiosity I weighed, went to the kitchen and ate a can of vienna sausages and drank a small glass of tea, weighed again just minutes later and I was exactly one pound heavier. I can't believe it's still that cold up there.

  2. I hope I left the heater on in the trailer...

    Have a good week!