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Monday, April 09, 2012

Monday morning post

Good morning.
It's a chilly 39 out this morning, with a projected high of only 55, and possible rain. But yesterday was sunny, and near 60, even though the wind at 30, gusting to 40 nearly knocked you over.  :-)
I did my usual cleaning of the Salon, and spent the better part of the day un-winterizing the mo-ho water system. That entails draining out the antifreeze, flushing the lines, filling the fresh water tank with a bleach solution to sanitize the tank, running that through all the water lines, and letting it sit for 4 hours. Since I didn't get that finished until mid afternoon, I let it set all night. Today I'll drain all that out, fill with fresh, and flush the lines one more time. Then the water system will be ready to use.
While the system was sanitizing, I did some weeding of flower beds. I'm also redoing a section of one of the beds. It was basically a wild flower section. Had a mixture of Bee Balm, Spider-wort and Garlic Chives. They all self seed, and that makes for a collage of plants, but also a chore to weed as there are no individual clumps, but a mass of scattered plants. So, I ripped that out, and transplanted a few shrubs and clump forming perennials that will be easier to weed around. Trying to lower the maintenance of my yard a bit.  :-)
I also went online and ordered 2 new wiper blades for the mo-ho. The cheapest I could find around here were $42, and I could get them from Camping World, since I'm a Good Sams Club member, for $34 with free shipping. That was a no-brainer since we have time until our first trip to get them.
And of course, it was also Easter, and that means Craig's Easter dinner of ham, scalloped potatoes, butternut squash, and deviled eggs. He'll only buy bone in ham. He says that's 'real' ham. And I must say, it was tasty!
Now, I'm still 'studying' for my upcoming physical early next month, so I tried real hard to watch how much I ate. Did pretty good. Didn't eat nearly as much ham and potatoes I wanted to, but filled up on squash and Lima beans. I probably ate more ham than I should have, but it was Easter.   :-)
Anyway, I do my weekly weigh in on Wednesday, so I'll see then any impact. So far, I'm down to 171 from 178, trying for a goal of 165. We'll see.
And with the beautiful sunny day, I took a couple of pics....
A better view of the large old Crabapple tree, and my rock garden currently filled with Grape Hyacinths.
Under those Grape Hyacinths are actually quite a few rocks and will be full of hens and chicks when they die down latter this spring.
And now, to help burn off some of that Easter dinner,  I need to do an extra long workout this morning
And that's my Monday morning post.  :-)

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  1. Your crabapple tree is gorgeous!
    Have a great day!