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Saturday, April 07, 2012

yay! it' the weekend!

Good afternoon.
It ended up being a a very busy week. The phone started ringing as soon as I arrived on Wednesday, and didn't stop. I did manage to get out early enough Friday and Saturday to do a little yard work. The weather has been mild with temps in the upper 50's. The colder weather has slowed everything right to a crawl.
We may have a new stylist joining our Salon. She stopped in last Wednesday, and seemed real interested. We'll see if it pans out. We have just one station open. It would be nice, and profitable, if we filled it.  :-)
Upon cleaning the mo-ho last weekend, I discovered that a wiper was frayed.  I can't believe how expensive a new one is.  :-(    I'll probably order it online as the few local places were quite expensive.
And Craig is fixing barbecue pulled pork sandwiches for dinner from our earlier in the week, pork roast. Should be tasty.  :-)

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  1. Happy Easter!

    Enjoy your weekend. :o)