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Friday, May 04, 2012

a hard freeze

Good morning.
Sorry for my lack of posts. Nothing much to say. Life, for the most part is uneventfully  routine.
But to catch you up on my week.....
Tuesday was cold and windy, although I did manage to bundle up and do some weeding. Wednesday was very busy at work. Thursday was steady, but I got out early, so did my weekend shopping then instead of today, because I'm booked today, and even working later than normal. I also got home early enough to mow the yard. With rain on Monday and cloudy Tuesday, the grass was to wet to mow. We've had a mini heat wave Wed. Thur. and today. And as soon as I was done mowing yesterday evening, it started raining and is still raining this morning. They've put the entire area under a flood watch. Fortunately, we sit high enough not to worry.  :-)
While we were on our little RV trip last weekend, we experienced what they call a hard freeze. A frost is when the temps go below 32. A hard freeze is when they go below 32 and stay there for several hours. Last Saturday, Lansing got down to 26. Thanks to a ridiculously warm March, and a much colder than normal April, Michigan has lost nearly it entire juice grape crop and over half of it's tart cherry crop. Not to mention the extensive damage to other fruit trees and bushes. Just one more thing to drive up prices.  :-(
Anyway, here's some of the damage done to our yard.
One of my giant hosta's, Blue Angel. All the leaves should be a solid power blue. All the yellow areas will soon turn brown. I'll need to cut all of them out this weekend. The plant should send up new leaves to replace them.
Emerging Toad Lillies all burnt on the tops. They should continue to grow from the crown, eventually hiding the brown leaves.
More hosta's all shriveled. They should re-leaf also. There was other scattered damage, but everything should recover.
In all of the 27 years we've lived here, I've never seen so much freeze damage. But we've never had such crazy weather either.
And like I said earlier, I'm booked today and tomorrow, So time to get going.


  1. Take care and have a safe end to your week!

  2. Sorry about the plant damage. =(