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Saturday, May 05, 2012

freeze damage worst than I thought

Good morning.
Just a quickie this morning.
It was a very busy day at the Salon yesterday, and another one today, but after I got home yesterday, while I was walking around the yard, I discovered further freeze damage.
My weeping fern leaf Japanese Maple and 2 of my Bloodgood Japanese Maples are badly burned.

Not sure what will become of them. Trees don't re-leaf like perennials do. I did read that a tree can be completely defoliated one year, and still re-leaf the next year. I may end up with bare trees for the rest of this year.  :-(   Time will tell.
And yet another blue leaf hosta burned. The blue hosta's seem to have been hit more that the variegated ones. But the long term forecast looks like the extreme cold weather is over. That is good.
Now time to get ready for my last work day of the week.

1 comment:

  1. Sorry to see that, Wayne. Hopefully they all recover.
    *hugs* ♥