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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

an update

Good morning.
It appears the bitter cold is finally over. Long term forecast is keeping us above freezing. Finally.
 Sunday, I did a fairly extensive cleaning of the Salon. Much more thorough than usual. It needed it.  :-)
Back home, it was a cool dry day, and I spent a good part of it burning up a large pile of branches and the remains of the large Arborvitae that broke in a winter storm.
I also managed to do some weeding. I'm way behind in that department due to the very cold, wet April.
Monday, with off and on rain, we spent a good part of the day doing errands. I finally had my physical, and even with all the changes in my eating habits, my blood tests were nearly identical to last year. wtf?  Oh well, one good thing came from that, I was down 14 lbs from my last physical.  :-)
We also stopped and picked up some annuals for the 4 pots I plant. Managed to get them planted in the late afternoon. Today is suppose to be dry, so I hope to get a good handle on the weeding.
And despite the damage from that last hard freeze, it didn't hurt everything. As shown in the following pics....

It's now 6:30, and I'm heading out to get some yard work done while I let Craig sleep a little longer....

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  1. Garden looks great, as always, Wayne. :o)