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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Trip #2

Good morning.
We spent the weekend in Muskegon.
We left Saturday after work, arriving at Muskegon State park around 4:30. Had a pull-through site that was difficult to get in because it was curved and there were a couple of very close trees, but we maneuvered it it in.
It rained nearly the entire way, but stopped a bit before we arrived and was pleasant the rest of the weekend.
We got set up, and Craig fixed turkey kielbasas for dinner.
Sunday morning, I went out for the paper, got Craig up, fixed coffee, and read the paper. We then went over to my Mom's. Cut her hair, chatted and around 11:30, left for lunch.
My brother Bruce had invited her and and any other family to Whitlow's for lunch at noon. Whitlow's is a Muskegon institution. Been in the city for Years. My parents use to go there when we were kids. They specialize in perch dinners.
We arrived a bit early, and I checked to see if anyone was there yet. I knew he had invited my brothers  Louie and Brian and their wives, but I wasn't sure how many total were going to be there. I asked the hostess if there was a reservation for us. She couldn't find any. Then shortly, Brian and Ruth showed up and so did Louie and Bonnie. Louie said his son was coming and Ruth said her daughter and boyfriend were coming. So I asked the hostess to set up a table for 10. When Bruce finally showed up, he said he made a reservation under 'Bruce' because our last name is always difficult for people to spell.
Anyway, all said, there ended up being 14 total. More family than I've seen in years.
I had the smelt platter, Craig had a patty melt and Mom had the perch dinner. Craig couldn't eat all of his sandwich, so I finished it for him, and Mom couldn't eat all her perch, so I had some of that also. I know, I'm a pig.  :-)
After lunch, Mom wanted to go to the 'club', so we said our goodbyes to those that were going back home, and we joined Brian and his wife at the VFW. Had no luck with pull tabs, but a nice visit. later, said our goodbyes, stopped at the store for Mom's supplies, and got her settled back in her apartment. Got back to the campground in time to have a nice campfire.
Here's a couple pics of some of the parks residents I saw Sunday morning....

 Wild turkeys.
There were 2 males and 6 females. The males were all puffed out trying to impress the ladies, but the females appeared to ignore them and peck around for food. It was quite a sight.
Got up Monday morning, got the mo-ho road ready, and arrived back in Lansing around noon. Spent the afternoon working in the yard.
This morning, I've just finished giving the mo-ho a good interior cleaning and restocking. It's ready for another trip. Today I plan on cleaning the out side. It's suppose to be near 80 today.  :-)


  1. The turkey photos are great! LOL. I would have loved to have seen that.

  2. Glad to hear you had a great Sunday.
    Crazy turkeys.
    Have a great week!