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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

and back to work

Good morning.
It' was a fairly productive weekend.
Despite my knee issue, (which is slowly getting better)  I managed to get a lot done. I washed Boston and Kia. (yep, Craig named his new Hyundai Boston, because the color is called Boston Red)
I also trimmed up a large snowball bush, weeded, and used a 4th gallon of crack filler on the driveway.

 The darker color is what I did this year, the lighter color is crack filler that survived from last year.
If you click on the pics, you'll see the cracks even better. I think the driveway is more cracks than not, but we're not ready to spend big bucks to have it repaved. It's about 20 x 80 feet. It cost enough 20 some years ago. Don't want to think how much it would cost to replace now.
But with crack filler and sealer every year, I think we can make it at least another 5 years.  :-)
And since we liked the new recipe for oven fried veggies, we made them again to go with baked chicken for dinner.
This time, besides cauliflower and zucchini, we also tried mushrooms.
It was delish!
And now, time for another work week.


  1. You posted a recipe for oven fried veggies? I must have missed it. They look great!
    Glad to hear your knee is feeling better. :o)