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Monday, June 18, 2012

here's an update

Good morning.
Well, things never go as expected.
I arrived at the Salon at 11am, and went into the malls utility room and turned off the water to our unit. Then attached a hose to the water heater, and put the other end out the back door into the parking lot.  Took about 45 minutes to drain the 75 gallon water heater. . I also noticed water was still trickling out of the sink faucet, so went back to the utility room and gave the nob another turn.  Was able to tighten it a bit more when all of a sudden, it just broke. It wasn't shooting water all over, the handle was just turning loosely.  That means the threads were stripped. The same thing happened a few years ago when we replaced our home water heater. So now we had another job for the plumber. And I had to call the landlord to pre-approve him doing the job. Ugh. It's always something.
So, I waited for the plumber to show up. 12 noon came and went, no plumber. I was beginning to worry he might have thought it was next Sunday. At quarter past, I called. He answered and said he was about 5 minutes away. Something about traffic. He finally arrived at 12:30.
I showed him the turn-off, and he said no problem with replacing it. Would charge me just $75 extra.
I called the landlord, and he was fine with that, and to just deduct it from next month's rent.
So, he was able to do it all and got finished about 2:45.

Old one top, new one bottom.
After they left, I headed over to the pharmacy. I had called when they opened and the pharmacist was very apologetic, and said to come in and they'd replace the pills. I didn't know if they'd just replace the 2 dark pills or give me extra since I didn't know if I'd taken the right number of the right pills. When I arrived, she apologized more and gave me a whole new supply. She said she'd call my doctor on Monday, to make sure he wanted me to have that many. At least I know I have enough to finish off this infection, which today is looking pretty good. I still have a swollen Bursa, but I think even that is beginning to shrink.
Anyway, back at home I did some weeding followed by cocktails and relaxing on the deck.
This morning, I was at the Salon. When the floor was laid 15 years ago, the installer cut tiles to fit around the old water heater feet. Of course, the new water heater doesn't sit the same way. So I tore up the tiles around the new heater and prepped the floor for new tiles. The tile adhesive needs to sit about 8 hours before placing the tiles, so I'll go in this afternoon and do that.
Also this morning, we take Craig's new car in for the installation of splash guards.
But right now, I need to place an online order for Salon supplies before I take my shower and get Craig up.


  1. I can't believe they screwed up your pills. That's scary. I know it happens, but it's my understanding they should be checked by two different people. I'm glad you are feeling better though.

  2. It makes me tired to read your post, Wayne. ;o)
    Hope you both have a good day!

  3. I'm glad the pharmacist was so apologetic.