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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Looking good!

Good afternoon.
To catch you up to speed......
The pharmacy called and my doctor decided another week of antibiotics was needed.
My leg continues to improve. The bursa is slowly getting smaller, and the redness is almost gone.
With my leg feeling much better, I've been back to work at home.
Over the last 2 days, I've used 3 gallons of crack filler to seal the cracks in the driveway in preparation for sealing. Our driveway is very old and should be replaced, but I keep nursing it along.  :-)
Filling all the cracks and sealing the driveway, has extended the life of the driveway by at least 5 years.
Monday, we got Craig's new splash guards/mud flaps installed, and had lunch at Cheddar's. We almost never eat out in Lansing, so it was a treat.
I also went in Monday afternoon to the Salon and laid the tiles around the water heater. Looks good.
Back home, I've also sprayed the paths for weeds, and did some more weeding.
Today, we did our usual shopping for the week, and while Craig mowed the yard, I used the 3rd gallon of crack filler on the driveway. For an afternoon snack, I whipped up some oven fried veggies.

I used zucchini and cauliflower. It was delish, and so easy!
Cut up the cauliflower and zucchini, dredge them in flour, egg and a Panko Parmesan seasoning mix, and place them on a greased baking pan. Cook for 25 min at 450, turning once half way through.
Serve with marinara sauce. Really good!
And now, Craig is fixing turkey burgers for dinner, and another busy week looms ahead.  :-)


  1. Don't relapse your knee, Wayne!
    And what are slash guards? ;o)

    You enjoy your evening and have a great week! :o)