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Monday, June 04, 2012

It's Monday, but not a work day for me. :-)

Good morning.
Well, the work week ended very busy. Got home around 3:30, and thought I should mow the lawn. Couldn't do it Friday after work, it rained all day.  But I decided I'd rather relax from the work week with a cocktail on the deck instead.  And it didn't take much to convince Craig either. :-) The grass wasn't going anywhere.  :-)
 Sunday, as usual, I cleaned the Salon. I then came home and did some weeding. The flower beds are looking real nice.
After I got Craig up, had our coffee, read the paper, and did some grocery shopping, I decided to get the lawn mowed while Craig did his usual laundry and bookwork. Well, the riding mower wouldn't start, so I hooked up the charger, and mowed the back yard with the push mower. It takes a long time to mow our big yard with a push mower. But got it done and tried to start the rider again. It started.  :-)
 Proceeded to mow the front yard. Got a couple of swipes, and the belt broke.  :-(   
 Had to finish with the push mower.
 That will be on our to do list this morning.
Since that took most of the day, I didn't get much else done.  But it was a very nice day with sun and temps in the low 70's. Did a pork roast on the grill with a rotisserie and grilled veggies.
I've already spent a couple of hours weeding this morning, and now it's time for a shower and wake up Craig.
And to make this post more visual, here's a pic of our pond.....


  1. Pond is looking great, Wayne.
    After yesterday, I would guess today should be an easy day.
    Well, after you fix your riding mower anyway.
    Have a good evening!

  2. Sometimes ya just gotta rest!