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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Ahh, new bikes!

Good morning.
After 20 years, we've got new bikes.
I knew our old ones were old, but until Craig dug up the old receipts, (yes, he keeps records of everything!) I didn't realize how old they were.
On our last trip, Craig was having problems with shifting gears and braking. I adjusted the brake cables and got them working  but tying to adjust the shifting thingys, I broke it. :-(

Soooo, back home, we went looking for a new bike for Craig. Found it at Walmart. 
In the picture, his old one was red, the new one below that. He wanted one with a lower seat, and higher handlebars. So this bike is called a cruiser bike. Tires bigger than the old 10 speeds, but smaller than a mountain bike. With a bigger padded seat and this bike is a 7 speed. Yes, it's an old farts bike that still looks fairly sharp.  :-)
Then, all of a sudden, I didn't like my bike anymore.   :-)
I mean, it works perfectly fine, but for some reason, I didn't like it any more. Sooo, I got me a new one too!  :-)
A 21 speed mountain bike! Sweet! And the new bikes are so much lighter than the old ones. Will be much easier to mount on the mo-ho bike rack.  :-)
Okay, in other news.......
We had a third company come out yesterday to access our water heater venting issue. No one can seem to understand why our water heater is occasionally venting into the house. This company had a couple of different suggestions. Everyone else seems to think the only way to solve our problem is a closed system water heater. For $2000.00.  This company first, want to extend the top of the vent on the chimney. He thinks if we get it higher, we'll have more updraft. The other suggestion would be to reconfigure the exhaust pipe. It now goes over at an angle, bends around the furnace exhaust before twisting into the chimney.

So if the extension of the vent doesn't solve the issue, he suggests running the exhaust pipe straight up into the attic, then over to the chimney to create better updraft. So we decided to go with his suggestion. A lot cheaper than a new water heater. I'll keep you posted as to the success or failure of this idea.
 Anyway, it was another nice , but a bit cool day. We finished the day looking at new cars on the internet. Yep, Craig is getting that new car itch. His PT Cruiser is 9 years old, and he's feeling he needs incentive to keep working past 62, which is just a few months away.   :-)
I told him the Kia is his too, but he calls it 'my' car. Oh well.
So, this morning, it's car shopping time. So after I post this, I'm out to clean up the Cruiser for possible trade-in.
And with that, I'm outta here.


  1. Haha.
    You guys have earned new toys. Enjoy and have fun!

    Good luck with the heater, too!

  2. You guys deserve cars and bikes. Enjoy.