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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

waiting ion that new car smell

Good morning.
Well, yesterday, we went car shopping.  But we have tio wait for that new car smell.
Craig's been looking at cars online for a while and decided he wanted to check out  the Hyundai Accent. We arrived at the dealership at 10am, took a test drive, and then worked out what we think is a pretty good deal. Craig really wanted a color that is called Mocha Bronze.

But what we saw on the website above, wasn't what it looked like in person below.

So first he thought he'd go with Ironman Silver, but ended up deciding on Boston Red.
Of course, They didn't have one on the lot, so the search is on. We should hear today when it'll arrive.
In other news....
I got a new belt for the mower, and installed that and gave the rider a test run and it looks like it'll work fine.
Also, I got up this morning with pain and tenderness just below my right knee cap. Not sure what's going on there, I don't remember doing anything unless I somehow injured it working on the mower. I'll give it a couple of days. I can walk okay, it just mostly hurts when I go to sit or stand. It's hell getting old.
And now, it's time for another work week that's looking quite busy.


  1. It is definitely hell getting older.
    That's a really nice car. Look forward to delivery pictures. :o)

  2. Bummer that the colors are accurate.