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Friday, June 08, 2012

It's hell getting old

Good morning.
Well, my knee issue continues. This morning, it was swollen, very warm, sore and stiff. I went online. Looks like I've got bursitis. Definitely did some damage to the bursae on the front, below my knee. The knee has these sacks of fluid that helps cushion the knee, and kneeling on it for that extended time working on the mower belt, apparently caused some trauma to the lower front one. Apparently it's more common in people over 50.  :-\
The treatment is for rest, ice, and over the counter anti-inflammatory medication. It was actually a little better yesterday, But it was a very long day at work, and that must have aggravated it more. But today and tomorrow are shorter days, and I'll take ice to work and try to ice it a few times during the day.
And it looks like I'll have to take it easy this weekend, if I want it to heal. And I really have so much I wanted to do.  :-(
But I don't want it to turn into a chronic condition, so I'll be good and lay low. But first, I have to finish the work week. But I'll try to rest it as much as possible.
And now off I go.


  1. Sorry to hear your knee is still bothering you, Wayne. Hope it gets better for you soon!