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Friday, June 15, 2012

my leg hasn't fallen off yet.

Good afternoon.
My leg continues to improve. I still have some redness, and the bursa is still too swollen to be able to kneel on that knee. But I have no rash. And I do have 3 1/2 more days of medication. Hope it helps.
Work has been crazy busy, and it's probably not helping my condition. Standing all day. But I have to work to pay all the doctors bills.
Actually, my leg feels just fine, except for the swollen bursa. After another busy day tomorrow, I'll try and take it easy for another weekend.
I do have to be at the Salon on Sunday. We are replacing the water heater. It is 20 years old, and instead of waiting for it to go bad and temporary put us out of business, we decided to be proactive and replace while it still works.  The company we have doing it doesn't charge any more for weekend  work. That will be minimal disruption for the staff.
 And now Craig is calling me for dinner. It's Boca Burgers tonight. We like the Mushroom Lovers and the Pizza ones. Yum!


  1. Hope your knee heals soon, Wayne. Have a good Saturday and Sunday.

  2. Is it Boca Burgers or Morningstar? The flavors sound like Morningstar Farms.