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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

medical update

Good morning.
 Well, let's bring you up to speed.
Monday, I went back to the Ready Care clinic, and they decided I was allergic to the antibiotic. So he told me to stop taking both medicines. My leg wasn't completely better yet, but he thought it was no longer a possible infection, and to wait a few days and see how it goes. I thought I should have gotten a different antibiotic and continued with treatment, but you should trust the doc I guess. The leg was actually feeling pretty good. I still had some redness and warmth, but not much. So, we went on with our day. Shopping, banking and post office.
 Back home, the guy from Eifert Mechanical showed up to put the extension on the water heater exhaust pipe. Took all of about a half hour. Now we'll see if that makes that issue any better.
Then, since I didn't want to do too much, we went out for a late lunch. We don't go out to eat much, so this was a nice treat.
I spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing on the deck, watching my rash slowly fade.  :-)
Tuesday morning, My leg was feeling a bit more sore. I stopped at the Salon to check my books for Wednesday, and 2 of my staff looked at my leg and said I needed to go to the doctor now.  Redness and warmth meant infection.
So I decided to go to my regular Physician. Called and was able to get in. He said the same thing as the staff did. Redness and warmth meant an infection.  He prescribed me a different antibiotic, and we were off to the pharmacy. He also said to go back on the Ibuprofen as I still was a little swollen.
So back home, I spent another day doing pretty much nothing.
And now it's Wednesday, and I accomplished nothing in the yard for the entire weekend. I feel I'm falling way behind in my yard maintenance, but I suppose it'll all still be there next weekend.  My leg is feeling much better this morning, after just one dose of the new antibiotic.
And I appear to have a rash on my sides this morning. Not sure if it's a new rash, but I think it is. I'll wait to see if I break out on my arms and legs. If I do, then it must be the Ibuprofen I'm allergic to. I'll know in a few hours because I had already took another dose when I woke up this morning. Before I noticed the rash.   :-\
I've had Ibuprofen before, but not this strength, and not for as long. 
At least I'm able to go back to work on the leg.  :-)
And it's looking to be a fairly busy week.
And I'll end this post with a few current pics of the yard....

This last pic is my giant Hosta, Blue Angel.  You can tell how big it is by comparing it to the bathroom window.


  1. Your yard looks great, Wayne. You may think you're doing nothing, but doing it on 2 legs is better than the alternative.
    Glad your regular doctor was able to get you in and glad you are on a new antibiotic, because yes, you should take them for 10 days.

    Glad to hear your leg is feeling better already!

  2. Wayne, I'm four weeks behind on yard work and I've been having to pay to have someone half a** cut the grass. It'll keep til you are better. You mentioned relaxing on the deck, you know you have to avoid the sun with some antibiotics. Also I've noticed as I've gotten older I've developed A LOT of allergies I never had previously. Mostly food though... Hoping for continued healing for you. :0) Blue Angel is just the plant I've been looking seeking for a friend of mine. It's gorgeous.

  3. Damn, take care of that leg!

  4. I hope your leg gets better soon. Try to relax and stay off it as much as you can.