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Monday, June 11, 2012

Now this?

Good morning.
Well, if it isn't one thing it's another.
I awoke this morning to discover, I have a rash all over my body.

It's not real red, but the skin feels very 'lumpy'.
So I went online to find that it could be either medication that I've been taking. So I stopped both the Cephalexin and Ibuprofen, Though I think it's probably the first one because I've taken Ibuprofen in smaller doses and have been fine. But the clinic doesn't open until 10, so I'll have to wait to see what direction to go. My leg has gotten way better, but there is still some redness, swelling, stiffness, and it's still a bit warm to the touch. Nothing like 3 days ago, but not completely better either.
I have been real good at doing nothing. Hope it doesn't get to be a habit I enjoy.  :-)
I made it through my light Saturday, resting and elevating my leg when I could, and spent the afternoon in the recliner. Sunday, I did mow the yard, but only with the rider. And the clutch was done with my left foot, so no stress to my right one. The down side of mowing was I got to see up close, all the work I should be doing. Oh well, it'll still be the next weekend.
Poor Craig has had to pick up the slack during this. He cleaned the Salon, and has done house work besides his usual laundry and bookkeeping.
So this saga continues. I'll update when I know more.


  1. Ouch! Hope you get better.

  2. If you were a horse... glue...

  3. Hope you're feeling better, Wayne. ♥