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Friday, June 22, 2012

wasn't that nice and not so nice

Now wasn't that nice.
I got home from work yesterday, to find a box by the door. It was from Great Harvest Bread Co.
I opened it up to find this...
2 loaves of bread, and a big bag of cookies.
Sent from the salesman that sold us Craig's Hyundai.
I thought that was a nice gesture. I've never received a thing from any one else after buying a car.
That's like when we took the car in to have mud flaps installed, when I picked it up, they had also washed the car and left a carnation on the dash. No other dealer has ever washed my car after a service.
Nice stuff.
In other news....
It's been a very busy week in the Salon.Will be working late today and tomorrow.
The leg continues to improve. Redness, gone. Soreness, gone. the bursa continues to slowly shrink. I was told by a customer who is a retired nurse, that it will take some time for the bursa to return to normal. It takes time for the fluid to be reabsorbed. I just need to be very careful when kneeling so as to not aggravate it.
Now the not so nice....
The stylist that was to join our staff in July called and decided to stay at her former Salon with the new owners. I was nice to her on the phone, but a bit ticked off when I hung up. She originally approached me and really wanted to work in our Salon. She was burned out from owning a Salon as I have said in a previous post, and really liked our setup. We had several meeting. We really didn't have room for her, but with some adjustments, I figured we could get it to work. She wanted promises that I'd hold that station for her and not rent to anyone else. To make it work, I had to have a station for her to use. We have a stylist, Colleen,  that works Mon. Tues. and Wed., 8-3. Craig works Wed -Sat. I figured I'd come in on Wed. and work 9-12, Craig could use my station and work 12-3, and then he could use Colleen's 3-close. and use her station Thur-Sat. Then I had to clear out and condense cabinets in the back room to fine enough space for her supplies. I also added an extra shelf to the shampoo station cabinets to make room for more product there.
Anyway, I went through a lot to make it work for this new stylist, just to have it not happen. I realize situations change, but she was the one adamant about working here.
Overall, it's not a big deal, just short term I'm pissed. I'll get over it and it will be nice to have the extra storage that I'm sure I will easily fill with more crap.  :-)
And with that, it's time to get ready for another busy day at work.


  1. Yaaaaaaaaay! On the Car... Yaaaaaaaaaa! On the leg... Booooooooooo! On the stylist! Shame on her. If she had owned her own business it might be difficult for her to work for someone else anyway. You are probably better off in the long run.

  2. That is definitely an outstanding dealer!

    Glad to hear your leg is healing well, too.

    And as you say, chaos expands to fill the available space. ;o)

  3. We have the new car fever. Oy.