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Sunday, June 24, 2012


Good afternoon.
Well, the work week ended as expected, very busy. We somehow got a couple of birds in our Salon on Saturday, and fortunately, they went out when  we propped open the  door. We tried to figure out how they could possibly get into the Salon. We've been here 15 years and  never had a bird in the Salon. The only thing I could find was an exhaust vent to one of the empty units near us that wasn't sealed. I took care of that, and when I went in this morning to clean the Salon, no birds. So I hope that was the problem.
In other news.....
I came home and washed the Hyundai and the front of the mo-ho.
We haven't been on a RV trip the entire month, but do have one coming up in a couple of week's.
I also weeded the rock garden, and fixed a mudflap on the car caddy. Lost a nut I replaced.
My knee continues to improve. The bursa is getting smaller each day.
It's been very dry here and I've been watering quite a bit.
And with that, time for dinner.
Marinated round steak on the grill with baked potato and corn on the cob. Yum!

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