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Sunday, August 26, 2012

a fungus among us

Good morning.
I've just returned home from cleaning the Salon.
It was a good busy week,but Saturday was short. It was nice to get out early for a change.  :-)
And because I got out early, we did some running around we'd normally do on our days off. We went to Lowe's and got light bulbs and air filters for the Salon, then over to Sam's Club for coffee. Sam's has by far the best price on coffee, and we go through quite a bit in the Salon.
This Sam's Club is part of a large shopping center with stores in an open setting. So we decided this would be a good place to get some walking in.
This shopping center has a theater and many stores and restaurants. And they are already filling the back section with more restaurants, shopping, a hotel, and apartments and condo's It's a really large development, and was a good choice for some exercise.
Back home, we found this in the back yard....

It's growing at the edge of a path and about the size of a head. I thought it was hollow, but it's starting to split in the back, so it must be solid. An unusual type of fungus I presume.  :-)
Also, thanks for the many suggestions to help Craig get more active. And with it being our weekend, we're starting off this morning, as soon as I get him up, for a nice long walk.
We're also taking the Kia in to have a hitch installed for hauling our bikes. We don't bike where we live because the speed limit is 55 and the edge of the road is gravel. Not the safest place to bike. But there are many nice bike trails in the city. We just need a way to get the bikes there. So that should also help with our activity level.
And with that, tome to get going.  ;-)


  1. that is one huge mushroom...wowsers :)

  2. I thought puff ball when I first saw it.
    No malls like that here, but they have some in Raleigh.
    Have a great weekend!

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  4. At first I thought you had found a hat. LOL.