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Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday update

Good morning.
It's been a steady busy last 2 days at the Salon, with today and tomorrow looking the same.  :-)
As I said before, they've leased the empty space next to our Salon. I discovered our new neighbor is going to be a Nutrition Club. It's an offshoot of Herbalife. It should be a nice addition to our mall. I personally don't use Herbalife. I think it's way to expensive, but they do seem to have a following.
I also received my new phone. I'll activated it later this afternoon, after work, and spend a good part of the weekend, transferring my contacts and checking out all it has to offer.  I think I'm going to like it.  :-)
And, it looks like we're in for some lifestyle changes. Craig had his yearly physical, and his sugar has gotten a bit to high. The last few years, he's been borderline high. So, that means some dietary changes, and more physical activity. Now Craig will admit, he's not very active. He spends pretty much all day on Sunday, doing bookwork and laundry, and a good chunk of Monday, driving around to banks, Post office, and stores.  Because of his carpel tunnel syndrome, he doesn't wash or wax any of the vehicles, use the push mower, and since he's not the gardener, no yard work. So I'm the one who gets all the physical activity around the house. And we don't seem to find time to walk or bike unless we're on a RV trip.  But we're going to try and figure what he can do to get more active. We've got a number of customers who are diabetic, and he doesn't want this to develop into that, so we'll see if that will give him the motivation to make some changes. We'll see.
And now, time to get ready for the work day.
Have a great weekend!


  1. He can do it. Health issues were what spured my lifestyle change...six months in and I am a new person...looking and feeling better :)

    Hope all is well my friend

  2. Ken is diabetic, but it runs in his family. He is more active now that we are down here, and his meds have been cut back.
    Perhaps a wrist wrap would help Craig to do small things in the yard?
    Good luck. Have a great weekend!

  3. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Do you have a treadmil that Craig can use? Join a gym?
    Gene is Ohio

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