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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

the weekend update

Good morning.
It's been a beautiful last couple of days. Sunny, low 70's. Between the earlier heat and drought, my gardens are looking very ragged. So I haven't done much outside. Just no energy to deal with it. We mowed again yesterday, but that was about it outside. So, I spent to much time on the puter, which you'll see farther down.  :-)
Anyway, I did get the mole that was causing havoc.
I used the Victor Mole Trap. It works perfect! I was lucky to find a run it was actively using. You tamp down a section of the run, push the 2 large prongs into the ground on either side of the run, and set the spring loaded paddle. When it tries to go through the run, it pushes up on the paddle, and BAM! Skewered mole!
Also, I ordered a new phone. TracFone finally has a touch screen smartphone in it's offerings.
It's a LG800. I know, it's an older phone compared to the newer ones, but I just can't justify the cost of other smartphone plans. After purchasing this phone, It will cost me less than $10 a month to use. TracFone has no monthly fees of any kind. You buy the phone, and buy minutes.This is a good phone for people who don't use a phone a lot like me.  :-)
And this phone comes with triple minutes, so, a one year plan costs $99, and comes with 400 minutes and 250 bonus minutes, so that will be a total of 1450 minutes, or units as they call them. I've used my phone so little over the last years that I've now got 3800 minutes on my old phone that will transfer over to the new one. The minutes just roll over if you don't use them.
And I want this phone for the few times we are camping with no wi-fi, so I can use it to check the weather or find a place. And it uses only .5 units a minute surfing the web.
Okay, in other news....
We ordered new seat covers for the 2 captain chair in the mo-ho.
The fake leather on the chairs is cracking and flaking. Looking pretty bad, and these covers are a nylon mesh and get pretty good reviews, and are way lot cheaper than new chairs.  :-)
Also, I ended up just putting a clear coat on the wood in the mo-ho. It appears the original cabinets are birch with a light maple stain. I used Pine for my rebuild that looks real close to the finished cabinets without anything on them. I tried a couple of different things, and they made the wood to different, so sanded it back down and just went with a clear coat. Looks good.
For dinner yesterday, it was pork cutlets and grilled veggies.

It was tasty and you can see we made enough for leftovers.
And now, time for another work week. Looking pretty busy again this week.


  1. seems we share the same love of puter shopping :)

  2. We need new seat covers too but our have skirting. Did you see any of those types?

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