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Friday, August 10, 2012

Traverse City, last day.

Good evening.
Yes, a quick post this evening as I have to be at work at 7:15 tomorrow morning.
It's been a crazy busy 2 days in the salon. I've just returned home from a 10 hour day. Yesterday was 11 1/2.
 Fortunately, it's just an 8 hour day tomorrow, I hope.  :-)
Now, to finally finish our last trip........
And to end our stay at Traverse City,  we spent Monday mostly hanging out at the park. We did our morning walk, I fixed eggs, bacon and toast on the grill for breakfast, then we headed out for ato pick up a few supplies.
back at the campground, we decided to go hang at the beach. I told you, traverse City State Park is a 'city' park. Situated right in the city. Not more than a dozen blocks from downtown. That said, it's on a very busy road. The park has a beach across the road form the campground.
The main road going into Traverse city with the campground on the left.
And the beach on the right.
There's a elevated walkway from the campground to the beach.

Here's another pic of the packed campground.
So, after sunning and people watching, we came back to the campground, took another bike ride, and proceeded to break camp for an early departure.
Tuesday morning, we finished up, dumped our tanks, loaded our car, and hit the highway home, where we arrived safe and sound.
It was another good trip!
And now, it's time for dinner, and most likely an early to bed.
I'm getting to frikkin old for this type of work schedule..  :-)


  1. it sounds and looks like a wonderful trip :)

  2. Glad to hear it all went well and you got home safely!

  3. I'm glad they provided an overhead walkway!