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Saturday, August 11, 2012

week in review

Good afternoon.
Well, my crazy busy week is finally over.  :-)
 Not only did I do as much business, money wise, in 3 days compared to my normal 4 days, I did about 20% over that!
So an excellent week and now much needed 3 days off.
And with my Traverse City posting done, time for the week in review.....
It's been raining here almost non stop since Thursday morning. As of this afternoon, we've gotten just over 3 1/4 inches of rain.

A very welcome event for us. This should do a lot to alleviate the drought conditions we've had. It rained all day Thursday, Friday and a good part of today.  Of course, now I'll need to mow the grass for a change.
In other news.....
Someone drove a vehicle into one of the store fronts.
It's assumed it was someone from the bar that's at the end of the mall in this pic. The damage was discovered in the morning.
Buckled the wall pretty good. I'm surprised the window didn't break.
Fortunately, it's an empty unit so no business was impacted by it.
Our salon is down near the other end of this pic near the corner.
In other news..........
My manicurist came to me on Thursday to state she had a flat tire on her manicure station. I said how does a plastic wheel go flat? She showed me.
Apparently, so much hair had gotten twisted up inside the wheel, that it stopped turning and she was sliding it across the floor, and literately  rubbing the plastic off the bottom until it was 'flat'.
Since Thursday was her last day for the week, I said I'd work on it over the weekend.  Well, I had a color cancel today, so during that break,  I ran over to Harbor Freight Tools, which is only a block away, and bought new wheels.
These should last her quite a while.  :-) They are much sturdier than the cheap plastic ones. And thanks to that cancellation, I won't have to spend part of my weekend, besides cleaning, in the salon.
Okay, that's about it. Craig's making home made pizza for dinner, and I'm already on my 3rd cocktail.   :-)
Looking forward to some relaxation and I think I'm already well on my way.   :-)


  1. I want to see the car that did that damage, I'm thinking it cant look very good :)

    HOme made pizza, yummers..I want some.

    Enjoy the rest my friend, sounds like you need it :)

  2. I'd like to know about your cocktails of choice...