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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

a little bit of this and a little bit of that

Good morning.

Well I awoke stiff, sore and aching this morning. Not as bad as at first, but not near as good as yesterday morning. I'm going to attribute it to starting a major garden redesign. 
I have a huge garden that runs along the pond. It is mostly a wild garden right now as I've let many perennials self seed and multiply haphazardly. I liked it, but it's a lot of work trying to keep it weeded and I'm leaning more to defined plantings and less work. Soooo, I'm tearing out half of it, salvaging, and moving plants I want to keep and composting the rest.
As you can see, I've only just begun. I've dug out plants, moved and replanted plants and have started the new edging that will line the new bed. The rest will be re-grassed. I suspect all the digging and bending didn't help my still healing back. But I'm back to work the rest of the week, so hopefully, the back will get good enough to handle yard work this next weekend.
In other news.....
When we got home, while I was emptying the mo-ho, I grabbed the support handle as I was stepping into the mo-ho, and it snapped in half. I tried the RV Goop, but apparently it doesn't work on acrylic. So, I decide to order a new one. Every since we bought the mo-ho, the handle had numerous tiny fractures in it. It would be nice to have it looking new. I called Newmar to find they no longer have the clear acrylic, and have replaced it with a chrome one. I didn't want chrome as the handle lights up at night, so I went online to see if i could find an after market handle.

Sure enough, I found one. It won't have Newmar on it, but it will fit the brackets I have. And surprisingly, I could order just the acrylic piece and not the whole fixture. Should be here later this week.

And in some final thoughts on Cedar point.
Another reason we won't be going back is a new Cedar Point program called Fast Lane. For an extra $60 on top of the regular entrance fee, you can get a bracelet allowing you special access to the rides, basically, a separate line that takes you to the front of the line. No waiting to get on the rides, your next in line. Supposedly, they were to sell a limited number each day. While we waited nearly an hour to ride the Maverick, I counted no less than 100 people going through the Fast Lane. That means 100 people basically cut in front of us with Cedar Points blessing. Not to mention how much longer we had to wait because of that. And yes, we could have bought those too, but it just doesn't seem fair. And I know, life's not fair. There's always going to be the have's and the have not's. But do they need to be so blatant about it? Okay, I'm done crying about that.
Also while we were at the park waiting in a line, we struck up a conversation with a lady in front of us. She was on her 9th day in the park. I mean, I like rides too, but 9 days? And this was her 3rd time there this summer. And... she'd been to 6 other parks this summer. Now that's one coaster junkie! She lives for these rides. She even told us which car on each ride gave the best experience. And to top it off, she's 55. Obviously in better physical shape than us.  :-)
Okay, enough of this rambling. It's time to get ready for another work week.


  1. Who needs name brand as long as the handle works? Congrats on finding your replacement!
    Hope the work week treats you well!
    Too bad you couldn't have done the thinning for your next plant sale...

    Have a good week Wayne!

  2. the handle is cool :) I hope you get to feeling better soon my friend...I cant wait to see the garden when it is finished.

  3. I like that the handle lights up. Very cool. I assume the fast track thingy is $30 more a person? Seems steep, egads!