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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

fridge repair

Good morning.
Well, after a couple more moist heat sessions on my back, I'm really feeling good.  :-)
Slept all night last night with just some tightness this morning. Did another moist heat session and I'm good.
We started the day yesterday with a nice long walk at a newer park called Granger Meadows Park. It's right next to the Granger Landfill.  :-\
Granger needed more land to expand, and worked out an agreement with the township to add this park as a buffer between them and the city. It's really a nice big park with over 5 miles of hiking/biking trials with woods and lakes. They also have rent-able pavilions, baseball fields, soccer fields, inline skating, hockey ring and on and on. We did the mile loop through the woods. By the time we got going, it was mid 70's already and humid so the cool shade was nice. Then a little grocery shopping and out to lunch. We seldom eat out in Lansing, but because of the shorter trip, we thought this would extend the trip feeling.  It worked.  ;-) We went to a place called Reno's West. (yes, there's a Reno's east too). A large sports bar with a huge outdoor patio and the entire front of the building has garage door walls that they open in summer. Makes it feel like one big open air bar/restaurant. I had a tasty bacon olive burger and Craig had the turkey cheddar melt.
Back home, I filled the bird baths and the pond, it's still been quite dry and hotter than usual. I then repaired the fridge in the mo-ho.
On our trip, Craig opened the door on the fridge, and the bottom door shelf fell out. The shelf catch in the corner must have cracked and broke off.

So, I stuck the piece in the drawer for the rest of the trip and put the shelf one notch up.
So when we got home, I got out the RV Goop. This stuff works on just about everything. I put a generous amount on each part, let them 'rest' a few minutes, then pressed them together. Let it sit overnight, and this morning, when I went out to clean up the mo-ho, it was good to go and I put the shelf back in place.
And after this post, I was going to work in the yard until it was time to get Craig up, but as daylight came, so did rain. and it's looks to be raining for a few hours, so I guess I have time to do a little surfing.  See you later.


  1. sounds like youve been productive :)

  2. Thanks for the tip about RV Goop!

    Glad to hear your back is feeling better, too.
    Have a great work week!