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Monday, September 03, 2012

Cedar point Amusment park trip

Good morning.
We've returned from our latest trip which was to Cedar Point. 
Obviously, as no one new what campground pic was in my last post, not many have camped at the Cedar Point campground. They have 2 campgrounds at Cedar point. The newer one was filled, so we got stuck in the old wagon wheel campground where they pack you in like sardines.
We're the white mo-ho with the golden brown bottom. You barely had enough room for your slide-outs and awning.
We're just outside the park. A short walk to the entry gate.
We arrived on Friday late afternoon as it's nearly a 4 hour drive from Lansing. Cedar point sits on a peninsula in lake Erie, between Toledo and Cleveland in Ohio.

Since our tickets were for Saturday and Sunday, we had dinner at TGI Friday's in the Breakers Hotel on the beach also outside of the park.This is really a huge resort/amusement park with over 13 roller coasters besides numerous assorted rides and stage shows. They have a large hotel, a suites hotel, a marina, a camper village just outside the park, and 2 more hotels farther down the causeway.
We retired early since it was a long day, with working part of the day and then the long drive.

I got up early as usual the next morning, and went for a walk along the beach. We had great weather!
The park opens at 9am for people who stay at any of their resorts and 10am for regular ticket holders. That gives us the chance to ride the most popular rides before the park gets too busy. We managed to hit our 2 favorites before 10 am. The Raptor, and the Millennium Force. Then it was off to the Maverick before the lines got too long. Then we took the Sky Ride which runs from the middle of the park to the front.
We decide to take a break and have lunch at Famous Dave's which is just outside the park at the marina. We had tasty rib tips and a couple of drinks. We enjoyed the rides, but decided this would probably be our last trip to Cedar point. The rides were rougher than we remembered them. Maybe out bodies wern't liking the rides as much as our minds were.  :-)
So we got back in the park, rode the Blue Streak, then took the train to the back of the park and did the Skyhawk. Then it was time for a late afternoon snack and a show, so off to the Red Garter Saloon and Absolute Country. Not country fans, but a very entertaining show, and the chili dogs hit the spot.
Then we hit the Iron Dragon on the way to Max Air. At this point, we decided we'd had enough and headed back to the mo-ho to relax and recover. Craig's neck was sore and I was hurting. I'd had some back issues recently and these rides weren't helping it. We figured a good night's sleep was in order.
But I awoke at 3 am with my back all knotted up and just aching, no matter how I laid, so I got up took some Advil, and sat in the recliner. That seemed to help, and I dozed there for a couple of hours. Upon getting up, the back seemed a bit better, and I went for another walk. Back at the mo-ho, I got Craig up and we went for a coffee walk before returning to the park.
After some discussion, we decided we'd done enough. Our bodies weren't handling the rides well anymore. We didn't like waiting so long in the lines. The park was too crowded. It was too hot. There would be no one more day, we'd head home early. We admitted we're getting older. Things change. There's a reason we don't see many older people at Cedar Point. You get to the point physically, and/or mentally, it's just not as much fun as it use to be.
Oh well, life goes on. So we packed up and headed home, where a wet towel and heating pad hit the spot. Today, after 3 heating pad sessions, my back is pretty much back to normal.
And if you haven't seen enough pics, the rest are here.


  1. I am glad your back is better...sounds like you still had some fun :)

    Have a great day my friend

  2. You get to the point physically, and/or mentally, it just not as much fun as it use to be.

    Yup. Been there. Done that. The t-shirt is my grubby shirt. ;o)
    Glad to hear your back is feeling better. Take care and have a good week!