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Sunday, September 02, 2012

Bet you can't guess

Good afternoon.
I'm still here, but my lack of posts usually means one thing, Another RV trip with no wi-fi.
If everything has gone as expected, we're are currently on our way home. This trip took us where?
I'll let you guess.
Here's a pic of the campground we stayed in.
In the 7 some years we've been camping. This campground layout is unique. 
But then, if you've never camped her, you probably haven't a clue, so I cropped the pic to give you better chance to guess.  :-)
I'll give you a full update when I return.  :-)
Oh, and how can I do a post with no wi-fi?
I wrote this Friday and set it to post today.   :-)


  1. setting it in advance was brilliant...I have no clue about the camp ground. Is it any where near me?

  2. You can create posts using Live Writer. You create the post and then upload the whole thing once you have a connection. It's fantastic and free and by Microsoft.