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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

another weekend gone

Good morning.
It was another beautiful day yesterday.  :-)
 We started off with a nice walk.
This one again took us by the Lansing mall, but we started behind our Salon which is in a strip mall at the black arrow. Not quite as long of a walk as Sunday, but a walk nonetheless.  :-)
Back home, I washed the mo-ho, Kia and Boston (Craig's name for the Hyundai) While Craig did bookwork. Then we mowed the yard. My back was feeling good.
Until this morning,. Again. I'll continue my exercises for the rest of the week, and if it's not better by next Monday, I'll break down and go to a Chiropractor. If I can find a decent one.
Maybe I'll try sleeping in the mo-ho. At least I'll know then if it's the bed.
And now it's time to get going for another busy work week.

1 comment:

  1. walk on my friend...:)

    have a great week