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Monday, September 24, 2012

back update and a time warp journey

Good afternoon..
To update you on my back issues.....
I slept okay without a muscle relaxer pill. I was able to sleep on my right side with no discomfort. But did get up with a very tight stiff back. 20 minutes with moist heat helped that.
Even though my back has been doing a bit better, my doctor has decided it wasn't good enough. So he ordered x-rays. I went in to a radiology clinic this morning, and they took about 10 from various positions. I was surprised to hear from my doctors office early this afternoon with the results. Good news, no major issues like a bulging disk or ruptured disk. Instead, it found an area causing muscle spasms. ( I could have told them that!)
So, my doctor has recommended physical therapy. 2 -3 times a week for a month. The office referred me to a place called Peak Performance. Sounds more like a place I'd take my car to but anyway, they called this afternoon to set up my schedule. My first appointment is next Monday, Oct. 1st.
I'm hoping my back gets better with self care before then, as I can't imagine what it's going to cost me. But at least I have options should my back remain the same.
And in other news.......
Last week, a customer came in for a haircut, and brought me some pics she ran across and thought I'd like to have them.
These pics were taken at a salon staff picnic way back in 1983. And the customer that brought them in use to be a receptionist at our other salon.
Yep! That's me in the red top, and Craig with his back to the camera.
I don't ever remember wearing shorts that short!
Craig again, with the sunglasses.  Somehow he managed to keep most of his hair.
I can only assume, we were checking out this guys belt buckle.
Craig again, playing volley ball. And apparently, 1983 was a good year for mustaches too!
I was all of 30 way back then. And much thinner, and with way more hair.
Oh to be young again!
Anyway, the rest of the day was mowing the yard, cleaning windows, and more laundry.
For dinner, Craig is making a home made Chicken sausage helper. He cooking some noodles, veggies and some Chicken sausage. Sounds good!


  1. If only young could be bottled. ;o)
    Hope your back gets better soon!

  2. Anonymous1:22 AM

    Who's Datsun wagon are you leaning against? I had one similar as a second car to haul my dogs to the vet and take away trash, etc. I didn't want to 'soil' my new Maxima! LOL! BTW, you guys haven't changed a bit!


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  4. Wayne,
    I've suffered with back pain for 17 years and I've learned a few tricks over time. As far as the PT goes I say two things. You can do the exercises at home they will give you a sheet of paper with them on it. Second beware of traction, if your back feels worse or more unstable when you get up after traction don't do it. That BS about it gets worse before it gets better can apply to the exercises, but I wouldn't apply that when it when it comes to traction. Also in my opinion a therapist that practices McKenzie therapy is the best way to go. I know this is unsolicited advice but shoot me an email if have any other concerns or questions. I'm no doctor but I can share my experiences with you.

  5. I hope you recover prior to the therapy.

    The vintage pics were groovy.