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Sunday, September 23, 2012

RV tech tip # 1567

Good afternoon.
Yes, an afternoon post.  :-)
I ended up getting out early on Saturday, as my last customer cancelled.  So since I got home early, I decided to get a job over with and cleaned the bathroom.
Later, after Craig got home, he fixed wet burritos for dinner.   :-)
This morning, I of course, cleaned the Salon, and back home, after we had our coffee and read the paper, I got to work on the new mo-ho entry handle.
It wasn't quite the same shape as the old one, and I can see in this pic, I've got it turned around. But anyway, I had to do some adjusting to the new handle before it would fit in the brackets.
The old handle on the right was notched, so I needed to do the same with the new one.
So after sawing and much filing, I got it to fit like a glove.   :-)

Looks pretty good doesn't it?
Then I installed Craig's new floor mats.  He liked the way the new ones fitted in the Kia, he ordered them for his Hyundai.

They even look better than the floor mats that came with the car. And if any of my northern readers want to check them out, he got them from Weather Tech.
And I didn't do one thing in the yard. First of all, it was cold. Only 57 out. Second, I'm not suppose to lift anything heavy, due to my back issues.  And speaking of my back, I slept until nearly 6 this morning. I appear to be getting better each day, although, I'm still waking quite stiff and tight. At least, I'm not aching as much.
But then, a new twist develops. I had a mild rash on my body this morning. Another allergic reaction? To the muscle relaxer? I've taken 5 of them so far. But now, I probably shouldn't take another one until I talk to my doctor tomorrow morning. So we'll see how I do tonight without one.
And for dinner, Craig is making pork and sauerkraut in the slow cooker.
Sorry I can't get a better pic, but Craig won't let me take the top off.  :-)
And now, while Craig is watching the Lions lose another game, I'm gonna play on the puter.  :-)


  1. Really glad to hear your back is on the mend, Wayne.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Good job on the handle!