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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

another busy weekend

Good morning.
Sunday went pretty much as expected. I got the calendars ordered, and the Salon order done. Craig did his usual laundry and bookwork, while I spent a good part of the day on the puter. I also turned the furnace on in the mo-ho, and when it warmed up a bit, gave it a good cleaning so it'll be ready for our last trip.
Since it was a cold out, (47) and drizzly, I didn't do any yard work. Craig made his tasty cabbage roll casserole for dinner.
Monday morning, while Craig got his beauty rest, I showered and headed out, half way across town to a Salon distributor.  I wanted to pick up Redken's new Smoothing Cream. I have a customer coming in this weekend for a straightening touch up. She has naturally curly hair, and I've been using a chemical relaxer on it to make it straight. This new Smoothing Cream does the same, except it leaves the hair in remarkable condition. I've never seen anything like it. I'm anxious to try it.
Getting back home, I woke Craig up, fixed us coffee, and we were off. First stop, the township hall, where we dropped of forms asking for absentee ballots. They will be mailed to us early next week. This will be the first time we won't actually vote on election day. It will be nice not to deal with the crowds. Not to mention, our voting precinct  is 15 miles from our house.
Then we stopped on the way back at the fire station. They have a new procedure for burning permits. You have to physically go there, read and sign forms, then you get a special phone number to call when you want to burn.
The we stopped by Menard's for Sta-bil for when we do the final fill of gas for the mo-ho. We also picked up a couple of laminate tile samples. I'm thinking of tearing out the carpet, and put down a laminate. The kitchen is a light wood laminate, and I know I'd never be able to match it, so a tile laminate should work. That won't be until spring, as I'll need to research online on how best to do it.
Then we stopped for groceries, and then back home.
It was a nicer day, sunny and a high of 52, so I went out and worked on another bed.
Here's the first on I did, and the grass has filled in nicely.
Here's the 2nd bed I did, and I decided to take out another part.
Dug the plants out, relocated the ones I wanted to save, and repositioned the edging stones and filled in with more compost.
I'll have to wait until spring to reseed, as the daytime temps are now below 70, and seed will not germinate well below that.

And as tired as most of the yard is looking, there's still a few bright spots.
These are Japanese Anemones.In full bloom right now.
And today's suppose to be even a little nicer than yesterday, so mowing and dead heading will be the task for me. And so I go.


  1. man you get alot done...busy bee :)

  2. You make me tired. ;o)
    Yard looks good, Wayne. Have a great week!