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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

my new homepage

Good morning.
Yesterday was another nice day. Sunny and mild in the low 60's. We went for a nice 45 min walk, then to the bank, P.O. and groceries. Back home, Craig mowed the yard, and I went in for a massage. I've kinda hit a plateau with my back. I'm sleeping pretty good, but still getting up with a tight, stiff back that requires moist heat. At least I'm fine all day long. But it doesn't seem the chiro and massage are quite doing it. I'm going to finally break down and go to physical therapy.
Back home, I started to cut down the perennials. I've downsized the 2 largest flower beds, and that's all I'm doing this fall. I'm pleased with the results and will wait until next year to see how they look, and whether I'll downsize more.
Now to my new homepage....
I've had igoogle  for my homepage for a long time. And now, they've said as of  Nov, 2013, they were going to end it. I was very upset. I loved how I could layout and rearrange the page with  what ever I wanted.
And although I have a year to find a new homepage, I wasted no time looking. There are actually  a lot of choices. And after trying out many of them, I went with Netvibes.
Like igoogle, you can customize it in many different ways.
I like how I can add a pic to it. I'll be able to change it to fit my mood, as I do my desktop.  :-)
And I decided 4 columns look better than 3

Now I've got news, sports, my email links, Dilbert, weather, and even recipes of the day.
I'm not going to miss igoogle one bit!   :-)
What's your homepage?
 And now, it's time for another work week. It's really looking busy this week.
Oh, and today's my birthday. So I expect a lot of cool presents.  ;-)
Or at the very least, some birthday wishes.  :-)


  1. I have iGoogle too and am upset with the upcoming change. I'll take a look.

  2. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Happy Birthday Wayne! Hope you have a great day!


  3. Happy Birthday Wayne!!!

  4. Anonymous10:04 AM

    Happy Birthday, Wayne! Craig taking you to dinner tonight???
    Love ya!
    FL Patti


  6. Have a great birthday, Wayne!

  7. Anonymous11:11 AM

    We're also sending Happy Birthday wishes!!


  8. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Wayne, you don't know me from Adam, but I have read your blog for a long time. I did not realize until today that you share the same birthday as my deceased partner, Larry. He died 3 years ago from cancer at 58. When I look at your photos from your past, it reminds me of similar photos I have of us over the past 35 years. We also had an RV and traveled all over the US with our dogs. It was a wonderful time then. Congratulations on your birthday and your commitment to each other all these years.
    Gene in Ohio.