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Friday, October 12, 2012


Good morning.
It's been cold this week, but that's okay. I had to work.  :-)
And the salon has been busy! I'm going in early today, and staying later than usual.
The people opening the new business next door have been working non stop. It's been quite the transformation. They are having an open house next Monday, and their grand opening on the 24th.
I've had a little set back with my back. On Wed. out of the blue, I started getting muscle spasms. I had this big ole knot in my back. (at least that what it felt like)
Thankfully, I had some muscle relaxer pills left. This morning, the knot is just about gone. I've called my doctor, and he's again, referring me to physical therapy. That should start next week, and maybe I'll finally get this back, back into decent shape.
I also want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes I received here, and on Facebook. I didn't do anything special on my birthday, (it was a long work day) but we'll go out this weekend for a belated birthday lunch.
And with that, time for me to get going.


  1. Hope you feel better, and are able to get out this weekend and enjoy :)

  2. I'm having problems with my back, too, though they may be sympathy pains with hubby. ;o)
    I got some muscle relaxers and cortisone pills.
    Have fun this weekend!