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Sunday, October 14, 2012

another weekend, Yay!

Good morning.
I've just returned from cleaning the Salon.
It was a busy week in the Salon. Next week is looking about the same.
It's been raining nearly non stop since yesterday morning, and looks like it will last all day today. But that will keep me out of the yard so I don't stress my back any more than I need to. It actually seems a little better each day. Or maybe I'm just getting use to it.   :-)
I start physical therapy this week, so hopefully I'll finally get it back to normal. At least I'm able to sleep all night.
And I've got to go on-line today and order new calendars. The ones I ordered last week, they don't have in stock. First they tell me they only have green or red, so I ordered the red, the next day, they call and say they don't have the red, just the green. I say green will be fine. The next day, they say they are out of green also, and would I like to try the 'Harrington' for the same price instead. I say I don't know what the 'Harrington' looks like. Can you e-mail me a pic? She said sure. I get home, look at the e-mail, and don't like the 'Harrington' one bit. So I call them up and ask if they can give me the 'Avalon' with the free shipping. She says it's just an internet special. So I say just cancel the order. I'll go back online and do it myself. Why do they list them on-line, when they don't have them?  grrr.  They sure don't have the best customer service. But we order from them because they do have the best prices.
Of course, now I'll need to order more expensive one's since they conveniently don't have the cheaper ones.
How convenient for them.
So anyway, it's going to be a somewhat lazy day today. We're going out for my 'birthday' lunch, and that's about it.
Now time for my shower, and get Craig up.  :-)


  1. Have a wonderful B-day lunch....glad to hear the back is improving :)

  2. Yes, have a great birthday lunch!

  3. Online buying can be annoying, can't it?
    Have a great week, Wayne, and keep getting better. ♥

  4. davidz8:00 AM

    Wayne, happy belated birthday and hope you had a great birthday lunch. Been having issues lately, so haven't been keeping up like I should...sorry I missed your birthday.