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Sunday, November 18, 2012

another busy weekend

Good morning.
We're looking to have another mild weekend.  :-)
 I got out of work early yesterday, as we had scheduled the guy to come out and put in the fresh air thingy.
He arrived, and in an hour was done. It's that funny tube thing back against the wall. It goes through the ceiling and out the roof. It has a lever that we can open and close to adjust how much air we want coming into the house. It seems stupid to have spent all these years insulating, caulking, and weather stripping the house just so we can do this. But apparently this has become common on newer homes that are built more energy efficient. With the dryer blowing all that air outside, it has to come from somewhere, right? At least I can control when and how much air comes in.  :-)
And with him done and gone, I spent the rest of the beautiful afternoon outside.
I finished clearing out the parking area for the mo-ho, and Craig and I maneuvered him into his spot.

You can see it's a pretty snug fit between the house and the maple tree next to the fence.
I also changed the oil in the riding lawn mower now the mowing season is done.
I think the leaves are down about a week earlier than usual.
Friday after work, I did our shopping for the weekend and picked up our 4th turkey. I know, your saying 4 turkeys? That's right, 4. This time of year they are sooo cheap and I love turkey! We were able to get them for between .49 to .55 a lb. You can't get any meat that cheap! And they're not big, just 10lbs. up to 13lbs.
We'll have one for Thanksgiving, one for Christmas, one in early Feb. and one in mid March. And as you've seen on Craig's blog, we use all the leftovers too!
And now, since I've already cleaned the Salon this morning, time for my shower and to get going for another weekend!  :-)


  1. I do like turkey too. I just mentioned you today to Jim while we were out shopping. I mentioned how you buy them while they're cheap. We don't have the freezer room to buy extras unless we plug in our spare fridge but running that electric probably negates the turkey savings.

  2. I have begun to think you only ever have busy weekends, weeks, days ;)

  3. No cheap turkeys here, yet. But congrats on finding 4, that's great!
    I think you have parked that moho so often, you could probably do it with your eyes closed. ;o)
    Enjoy your weekend!