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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

happy election day

Good morning.
And happy election day! I'm happy at least the ads and phone calls will stop.  :-)
It's another cold on this morning, 27 out and a nice layer of frost on the cars windshield. The hard freeze yesterday morning, did in the remaining fall flowers.  :-(
But I was then able to cut them back also, so now I'm just about 70% done.
I also gave the mo-ho a good final interior cleaning, and it's ready to park in it's winter spot, as soon as the rest of the leaves are down and cleared out.
 I've also returned to physical therapy. My back has been going downhill, and has been aching in the morning. I obviously quit the therapy too soon, and the home exercises aren't enough, so this time I'm going for the full recommended appointments.
I also got the cleaning bug, as I've been on a cleaning mission inside too. Yesterday, I vacuumed, dusted, straighten up, and as I write this, this morning, I've already scoured the kitchen, top to bottom. I think as of right now, the house is the cleanest it's been all year.  :-)
Craig also tried a new dish that I know will become a regular addition.
It called Velveeta Sausage Bake.
 It was yummy! And of course, you can get the recipe here.
 And this morning, we're having the fresh air thingy installed for the clothes dryer, so I need to get a shower and get ready.


  1. Mom said the same thing. The calls will stop.
    Your dinner looks great. Thanks for the recipe!

  2. Sounds like you should also get a housekeeper for a while so you don't hurt yourself...