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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy turkey day

Good afternoon, and a Happy Thanksgiving!
Wednesday ended very busy. Was happy I had Thursday off.  :-)
I went into the Salon early today to decorate it for Christmas. I refuse to put up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving. While doing so, I discovered a section of lights were out on a long garland we hang on a wall.
You can see it here in this previously dated pic. It's in the upper left. I worked on it but could not get it to come back on. So I ran over to Meijer's, (yes, they were open on Thanksgiving) and could not find any lights similar. So I thought I'd just not put them up this year.
Went back to the salon and continued decorating.
When I put up the front garland over the door, there was a section out in that too.
So I took out a working section from the back garland, and fixed the front one.
After getting all that done, I decided I didn't like the back wall so empty, so back over to Meijer's where I got what I think are lights that will work. I brought all that home as I was running out of time to get the turkey in the oven.
Got home, took my shower, woke up Craig, and preceded to get preparations for the turkey.
First, I needed to make a cheese clothe bag for the stuffing.
There's nothing worse that taking the turkey out and having to scrap the stuffing out. These cheese cloth bags take care of that.
You stick the bag into the cavity of the turkey, and fill it with stuffing. When the turkey's done, you just pull out the bag!
The cheese cloth comes just the right width, rolled up lengthwise. it's 4 layers thick, just right for stuffing.
Just cut off the length you need, sew up the bottom and side, and it's ready to use. I did 2 since we'll need another one for Christmas.
I then cut up celery and onions.
Once Craig had the turkey ready, I mixed the croutons with the celery and onions and helped him 'stuff' the turkey.
And here's our turkey, stuffed, seasoned, and ready for the oven.   :-)
It's a 13 lb turkey, and Craig will over cook it about 6 hours where it will be moist, tender, and falling off the bone.   :-)
 And while that has been cooking, I went out in the yard and finished cutting the last few thing down. It's a beautiful 61 out right now. It's going to drop into the 30's for tomorrow, but I'll enjoy it while we have it.  ;-)
 Okay, turkey's smelling good, and I need to help Craig with the sides.  :-)


  1. We fried a small turkey this year. It turned out pretty good.

    A lot of stores here were open on at least part of Thanksgiving, but we got enough stuff that we won't have to go out before Saturday.

    Have a good Friday!

  2. My turkey also game out awesome!