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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I don't like drama

Good morning,
Just a quick post before I dash off to the Salon.
I'm going in super early today because drama has emerged.
Yesterday, all of a sudden, 2 stylists seem to be 'missing' supplies. And with no proof, they think they know who. Now Craig and I got rid of our old salon because there was too much drama. We figured it was because they were all employees and our staff was nearly 3 times as large. Apparently, we were wrong. Drama can happen at any time, any where. Soooo, I'm going in to add locks to a couple of supply cabinets, to hopefully put an end to this bit of drama. When we opened our Salon 15 years ago, the 6 supply cabinets we put in do have locks, even though no one has ever used them. Now, since we have 8 stylists, we have 2 more cabinets without locks. So with them locking up their supplies, I'm hoping this will end the issue. I'm somehow, not so sure. But I can hope.  :-)
So, after dealing with all that yesterday, back home I spent the afternoon, cleaning, and organizing the other half of the garage. We have a 2 car garage, but there's a wall that goes down the center of it making it effectively two, 1 car garages. I cleaned up 'my' side Monday, and yesterday was Craig's side. His side was more work because that side is next to the house and so it collects all the 'stuff', since we don't have a basement. But I managed to get everything organized and cleaned up and now he has a place to park this winter.
And with that, I gotta go.

1 comment:

  1. Yup. Drama can happen anytime. Happened when I was stationed in Korea, especially; and at other bases, too.
    If that doesn't solve it, you may need to find a friend with some trail cameras to borrow.
    Hopefully that will solve it, though.

    Happy Thanksgiving!