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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

I was blinded, but now I see

Good morning.
And good it is, because I can see!
Let me tell you the story.
You know how just one little thing can change everything? Well, yesterday, that happened.
I awoke at my usual 5 am. Did my moist heat for my back and checked the puter for the latest news and e-mails. Around 6am, My back felt good enough that I thought I should do my exercises.
If you remember a ways back, after I finished with my physical therapy, I bought some of the stretchy bands that they used, so I could use them at home.
Now these pics are to show you what the bands look like, not the actual exercises I was doing.

The bands come on big rolls and in different colors, depending on the resistance. I used the blue at physical therapy, so I bought 16 ft which, when cut,  would give me 4 individual bands.
Since my therapy concentrated on my back, the exercises all involved pulling the bands at different angles. One had me reach up and grab 2 that were tied to a high bar, and pull down and out. I hadn't got a hook in the wall at home yet, so I used the Top edge of the door. I put the band over the door, stood in front of the edge, and would pull down and out. Yesterday morning, I apparently wasn't paying attention to my form, and instead pulled out and down. As I did, the band slid off the top of the door, and WHACKED me in the face! I fell to the floor in intense pain. Moments later, when I stood up and opened my eyes, the vision in my left eye was gone! All I could see was like thick fog. I ran to the bathroom to find my eye was still there. I must have injured it somehow with the snapping force of the band. I could see with my right eye, but not my left. I went and got a towel and ice and laid on the couch with my eyes closed. I remembered that after my Lasik surgery, my eyes were very foggy, which they said was normal and by that evening, they had cleared up, so I was hoping it would be the same for this. They say eyes heal very fast. I laid there until nearly 8:30, when it was time to get Craig up. I was felling a bit more optimistic at that point, as I could now see some shapes with the left eye. Now it was more like a medium fog instead of a heavy fog. Craig was concerned, and decided I needed to see someone. I rested my eyes, while he showered, dressed, and made himself some coffee. By the time we were ready to go, my eyesight was slowly improving. I could see shapes and some colors now, and they were getting a little more recognizable. I agreed I should be checked out just in case. Don't want to mess around with your eyes. We went to an urgent care center, where they gave me a thorough checkup. They said I had a corneal laceration, and said I needed to see an ophthalmologist and referred me to Lansing Ophthalmology. By the time I left the urgent care center at 11:15, My eye sight was improving rapidly. I could now see everything, although it was like looking through sheer curtains. I decided to go anyway, just to be sure.
I arrived, got signed in, and taken to a room where I was more thoroughly checked. As the doctor peered into my eye, he was rambling off terms and words I didn't recognize to the assistant to write on my chart.
I did recognize corneal abrasion, which he mentioned a number of times as he looked at different areas of the eye, and subconjunctival hemorrhage. He set me home with 2 prescriptions for drops, and an appointment for Friday. His concern now is for possibly developing a detached retina which can happen from this type of trauma.  He said to watch for reduced peripheral vision, and an increase in floaters. By time I got home, I felt as I was seeing almost normal again.
As of this morning, I think I'm okay so far. My vision seems back to normal, though my eyes ache and my left eye's cornea is red from the hemorrhage.
The band hit me across the face at an angle, from my upper right eye, across  my lower left eye. Despite what I went through yesterday, I think I'm very lucky at this point that it wasn't worst.
And with that, time to get ready for another work week. It's looking busy, and I'm happy to be able to see to do it.  :-)


  1. Anonymous11:17 AM

    I am glad that you wrote about this. I have used those bands in the recent past and never thought about what damage can be done like you experienced.
    Gene in Ohio

  2. I'm glad it wasn't any worse, too, Wayne. Put a hook in the garage somewhere that will be safer.
    Have a good week. ♥

  3. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Wayne,so glad to hear that the injury is temporary. I know that must have been very scary. I used those same bands during my 8 weeks of physical therapy when I was paralyzed from the flu shot.


  4. Our Mommas told us all our lives "Don't do that you'll poke your eye out!" I'm glad you're better!